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Welcome to the NASH Foundation

New Albany Surgical Hospital Foundation would like to thank all our patrons who supported our Learning Center and Bio-Skills Laboratory over the last seven years.

We regret to announce that our educational facility at 7277 Smith's Mill Road in New Albany, Ohio is now closed.


The New Albany Surgical Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of patient care and medical services throughout Central Ohio through a commitment to research, education and prevention of orthopedic and neurologic disorders.

We believe that quality medical care and service requires a scientific commitment to excellence, compassionate dedication to service and an enthusiastic willingness to teach. We will primarily utilize qualified physicians and surgeons to accomplish this mission.

Research will be conducted and sponsored in the fields of orthopedic surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, pain management, and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Educational programs will be provided for patients, physicians and health care providers in various forms, including lectures, seminars, and fellowships. Prevention programs will incorporate our research and educational expertise to impact orthopedic and neurologic problems encountered within our community.